Berlin Pop Choir – frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. What is the Berlin Pop Choir? What can I expect?
    The Berlin Pop Choir (BPC) is Berlin’s first, most welcoming and most vibrant community choir. This means everybody is welcome regardless of experience and singing ability. There is no audition, you don’t have to read music and it allows you to drop in and out as you please, and as fits your schedule. You can expect to find a large group of about 150 friendly, diverse people with a little to a lot of experience who all love to sing. Lyrics are provided.
  2. What is the difference between the Berlin Pop Choir and Berlin Pop Ensemble?
    The Berlin Pop Ensemble is the more advanced, committed version of the BPC. You can find out all about it at http://wp.me/P20OeC-D1 and read FAQs at http://wp.me/P20OeC-CT
  3. When did the Berlin Pop Choir start?
    Lyndsey Cockwell launched the Berlin Pop Choir in August 2009. Her intention was to establish the community choir craze that was sweeping the UK. What started with 5 people in a living room has now grown into around a 150 enthusiasts on any one night.
  4. Where does the BPC meet?
    We have a fantastic home at Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke Warschauer Straße 34, Berlin. We meet on tuesdays, doors open at 19h and the class starts promptly at 19:30. There is a bar serving alcohol and it is a 21 bar so the choir is not really suitable for children.
  5. Is there a class every Tuesday?
    We have 12 week courses where we build up to a grand performance in week 12, then we take a 5 week break until the next course begins. You can see all our course dates for this year at berlinpopchoir.de/class
  6. How much does the Berlin Pop Choir cost?
    A 12 week course costs €60, it’s €30 for a 5 class card (valid for 3 months) and it’s €7 to drop in. BUY YOUR CARD IN ADVANCE HERE!  and take advantage of our postal service to avoid the queues on the first night
  7. I don’t think my English/German is good enough….
    Director, Lyndsey Cockwell, teaches in English with a bit of German thrown in and translation is always available. As the class is taught by repetition it’s easy just to follow the music and a great way to improve your English.
  8. Can I join in the middle of a course? I can’t come to the final performance/ I can’t come to the whole course/Is it OK if I miss some sessions?
    Absolutely! The BPC is designed so that you can drop in and out as you like and also so that if you come every week there will be something new each time.
  9. Is there an audition? That sounds scary…
    No! The BPC is open to everyone, no matter what your abilities or experience. Director, Lyndsey Cockwell, teaches by repetition and text is provided so you don’t need to read music or attend an audition.
  10. I can’t read music….
    You don’t need to! We don’t use it – see answer above.
  11. I haven’t sung for years, but I used to love it – I think I am rusty…
    Don’t worry, the BPC is all about loving singing. We are a mix of people with more and less experience, seasoned professionals and complete beginners. You will quickly remember how much fun singing is and will only improve the more you do it.
  12. I’m not sure if I can sing in tune…No problem! The BPC is more about loving singing than sounding perfect – though we sound fantastic! We are a mix of people with more and less experience, seasoned professionals and complete beginners. Singing improves the more you do it so join us!
  13. I don’t know if I’m Alt, Sopran, Bass or what kind of voice I have…No problem! At the BPC you can sing where you like and are free to move between parts on different songs. Just try out one voice (lots of people like to start with the melody) and move section if it feels more comfortable.
  14. What songs to do you sing?
    We sing a wide variety of pop songs from the past and present – mainly in English. We usually sing 3 new songs and one form our repertoire, plus a bonus song if we have time. You can see our repertoire at www.berlinpopchoir.de/lyrics
  15. When does the next course start?
    You can see all our course dates for this year at berlinpopchoir.de/class
  16. Can I come and just watch?
    It’s possible to pay and not sing, but we highly recommend that you join in the fun! The Berlin Pop Choir is all about sharing our love of singing and enjoying how powerful we sound as a group. You can always stand at the back if you feel a little self-conscious, but please also remember that others might feel self-conscious singing while you just watch them!
  17. I would like the BPC to sing at my team building day/event/birthday party
    We have done lots of these – email info@berlinpopchoir.de with your request and we will get right back to you.

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