Berlin Pop Choir summer performance – biggest and best ever!

It was the night Germany played in the world cup semi-final, and still we had over 70 people singing and a full fantastic audience at our Berlin Pop Choir summer 2014 performance on July 8 in Berlin.

We sang more songs than ever before – six, plus ‘If I could change your mind’ by Haim, performed by Lyndsey Cockwell with the help of Lucy, Nicola and new BPC guitarist Johnny. With the help of co-guitarist David, the choir sang ‘Down by the water‘ by PJ Harvey, ‘Der hund von Baskerville‘ by Cindy and Bert, ‘Planet Earth’ by Duran Duran, ‘Sweet dreams (are made of this)’ by Eurythmics, our version of Pahrrell wiliam’s’ ‘Happy’ with an amazing solo by choir member Aldewin, and finally our Haus Der Berliner Festspiele gala selected ‘Always crashing in the same car’ originally by David Bowie. You can see the videos of the performance on youtube or by clicking on the picture above.

The Berlin Pop Choir Summer course starts on August 5. More info at We are looking forward to seeing and hearing you all and welcoming new singers.


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