Sea, sand and singing: 1st Berlin Pop Choir summer trip!

SchlossNoer_Aussenansicht On 17th-20th July 2015 the Berlin Pop Choir took their first summer trip to Schloss Noer near the Ostsee.  it was a beautiful weekend dedicated to sun, sand, sea and most importantly singing!

There was morning workshops and afternoon 3-4 part harmony singing in the Schloss’ beautiful roter saal, but the singing didn’t end there! We also sang around the camp fire and B-B-Q, at the karaoke and on the beach! We even did an impromtu performance for a group of children also staying at the schloss.

It was all the fun and relaxed feel of the Berlin Pop Choir with a chance to dig deeper into our singing and everyone had a great time. We are planning a second summer trip in 2016 with even more workshops focusing on technique and of course harmony.  If you would like more information on next summer trip or would like to go on our mailing list, email or feel free to talk to Linda at the Berlin Pop Choir on Tuesdays.

Beach Beach23 outside Raum Windopw


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