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Berlin Pop Ensemble Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. What is the Berlin Pop Ensemble?
    The Berlin Pop Ensemble is a more advanced, committed choir than it’s sister choir, the Berlin Pop Choir. Unlike the Berlin Pop Choir, there is a limit of 50 people and you pay for the whole 12 sessions in advance. There are no drop-in or 5 class card options available. We work towards a final performance when everyone is invited to come and hear how amazing we sound!
  2. How much does a BPE course cost?
    The BPE costs €120 for the 12 week course and performance. This will include 11 classes at our rehearsal room in Friedrichshain and a special last class/recording session on a Saturday morning. Music score files (Noten) and audio files (MIDI or audio) are also included.
  3. Is there an audition?
    There is no audition to join the BPE course but you must be able to sing it tune. If your tuning is wildly out we will discreetly suggest you transfer to the Berlin Pop Choir.
  4. Do I have to be able to read music?
    We will work from music score. Reading music is not a requirement (you can just follow the words) but we hope you will want to learn. A great beginners guide is here:
  5. What will the classes be like?
    We will work on more complicated arrangements than we do in the Berlin Pop Choir. We will work faster and in more detail from music score. This will require more focus and attention but will still have the same relaxed, fun and social feel.
  6. Do I have to come to all 12 weeks? What if I miss a week?
    We don’t insist you come to every rehearsal, but a choir is a team effort and when people are not there it effects the whole group and final performance. The final rehearsal and recording session in the week before the performance are particularly important. In the Berlin Pop Choir you can drop in and out and easily catch up in class. In the BPE we will move faster and you will need to catch up independently. There is no refund for classes you are unable to come to, but can be exchanged for a drop in Tuesday Berlin Pop Choir class by arrangement.
  7. Do I have to practise at home?
    This is not a requirement and it depends how developed your music skills are, but you will get so much more from a class if you have spent 20 mins to an hour during the week preparing. If you have spent 2 hours or more preparing you will be one of our star singers! Each week there will be an email telling you what we will be working on the next week. Not preparing for the performance would be crazy.
  8. Which voice should I/can I sing?
    There are 4 voices in the BPE. We welcome people of all genders in each section where they can sing smoothly. If we feel you are in the wrong voice we may ask you to move.
    Soprano – Very high voices (approx. C4-E5). Singers need to be able to sing smoothly in this range which is like the very high parts in the Berlin Pop Choir (BPC).
    Alto – Higher middle voices (approx. G3-C5) Like the high/alto BPC section.
    Contralto – Lower middle voices (approx. E3-F4) Like the middle/melody BPC section.
    Baritone/ Bass – Very low voices (approx. F2-D4) Like the low BPC section.
  9. How are people selected for a course?
    We would love to give a place to everyone who would like to be on the course! But when more than the limit of 50 people apply, we will prioritise in this order:
    i) Current members of the BPE
    ii) Former members of the BPE
    iii) People with known skills/enthusiasm for the BPC/E concept,
    iv) People with good musical skills/enthusiam
    v) People with enthusiasm!
    You can increase your chances by being open to sing in more than one section. The Director reserves the right to make the best selection for the choir and can also ask participants to leave/move section during the course. Decisions are final.
  10. Is there a waiting list?
    Experience has shown us that with a group this size there is bound to be some drop-outs, particularly in the first week where people try the BPE out. There will be a waiting list and people will be able to join the course if others drop out.
  11. How do I register?
    Join the BPC mailing list to find out when registrations are open for the next course.
  12. How does the payment work?
    You will be asked to pay a deposit of €60 (bank transfer or paypal) when you are offered a place on the course. If we haven’t received your payment after one week, we will offer the place to someone else. The balance is due on the first night of the course (bank transfer, paypal or cash) though of course you can pay it before.
  13. What if I change my mind or decide the BPE is not for me? Refunds
    You can change your mind for any reason and get a full refund up to 4 weeks before the course begins. You can get a full refund (minus a €10 administration fee) up to 1 week before the course begins. You can get a full refund (minus a €10 administration fee) within 24 hours of your first class if you decide the BPE is not for you. Other refunds will be discretionary.
  14. I have a question!
    For anything not covered above, feel free to email us at

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