With great sadness, we have to tell you that the Berlin Pop Choir is no longer running. After a brave and difficult fight against cancer, our beloved leader and founder, Lyndsey Cockwell, passed away in July.


We’re still deciding how to continue her legacy. She made her own beautiful music, she made incredible arrangements, she united hundreds of Berliners, she gave people a place to sing their hearts out every week, unjudged, she showed people the true power of music, she inspired people to believe in themselves and to live how they wanted to live. She was a powerful woman, with endless energy and ideas, and a willingness to be involved in the craziest of projects. She was also a sensitive songwriter who wrote and performed heartfelt and beautiful songs.

We believe her music and creativity should live on.

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The Berlin Pop Choir

The Berlin Pop Choir and Ensemble’s psychedelic spring performance was far out, man! On 4. April we raised the roof again at the legendary SO36 with 2 amazing choirs plus a beautiful ‘Indian music pot pourri‘ from Sankalita Mandal and a Kinks song from Lyndsey Cockwell with Claire Coleman. Everyone dressed for the occasion and it was a truly groovy night.

The Berlin Pop Ensemble

Lyndsey Cockwell and Claire Coleman














Sankalita Mandal






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