Lyndsey CockwellLyndsey Cockwell is a vocalist, arranger, songwriter and musician from the UK. A multi-instrumentalist, she is involved with many different projects in London and Berlin.

Lyndsey launched the Berlin Pop Choir in August 2009. Her intention was to establish the community choir craze that was sweeping the UK. In 2013 she established the Berlin Pop Ensemble to focus more on performances and expand the BPC concept. The Berlin Pop Choir’s sister chorus unpacks the pop song to reveal a dark and beautiful heart. She arranges all of the songs and teaches singing with a real passion and sense of fun.

Her CD, Recollection, is available containing the song “A tiny snatch of daylight”, remixed by The Orb.

More about Lyndsey:

Berlin Pop Choir Director Lyndsey Cockwell can bring the Berlin Pop Choir experience to your team building days or tailor a workshop to your needs. German or English spoken. Just email for more info.

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