Flower power at the Berlin Pop Choir & Ensemble summer performance

It was all about flower power and feelin’ groovy at the Berlin Pop Choir and Ensemble summer performance on Tuesday June 16. Some came dressed as hippies, some had flowers in their hair, everyone had a great time.Click on the image above to see youtube videos of the BPC’s 5 songs and you can see the Berlin Pop Ensemble’s playlist on their youtube channel.



All about the passion: exchange and collaboration with artist EC Davies


English artist EC Davies has been a regular member of the Berlin Pop Choir for the last 2 years. You may also have seen her helping out at the door and with filming our performances.

Supported by Arts Council England, Davies is working with 3 choirs in the UK and with us here in Berlin! She is interested in singing as a form of communication and exchange and most importantly as a passion! Her first event exploring this was with the Berlin Pop Choir on Tuesday June 02.

EC Davies asked all of us at the BPC to ‘Donate’ our favourite line from a song that we have sung at the Berlin Pop Choir. She gave us all a postcard to write our song lyric on and a small gift as an exchange. Each participant was given a number that they can use to trace the progress of their song lyric through the resulting artworks and exchanges with other choirs.

What happens next? Davies will work with Berlin Pop Choir’s director and musician Lyndsey Cockwell to develop these lyrics into artworks and future exchanges.

We are super excited to work with EC Davies and to investigate and develop our love of singing and the BPC concept even further. Who knows where our love of singing will end up? You can find out more about EC Davies and her work on her website.

Summer course bonus song: I think we’re alone now

We did it again! On May 19th we learned and recorded a song all is one night. It was Tiffany’s classic ‘I think we’re alone now’ and Tiffany herself gave her approval when she tweeted the video saying ‘Cool! keep singing.’ We love you Tiffany, and we might even sing your song again at the Berlin Pop Choir and Ensemble summer performance on June 16th.

Sea, sand and singing: 1st Berlin Pop Choir summer trip!

SchlossNoer_Aussenansicht On 17th-20th July 2015 the Berlin Pop Choir took their first summer trip to Schloss Noer near the Ostsee.  it was a beautiful weekend dedicated to sun, sand, sea and most importantly singing!

There was morning workshops and afternoon 3-4 part harmony singing in the Schloss’ beautiful roter saal, but the singing didn’t end there! We also sang around the camp fire and B-B-Q, at the karaoke and on the beach! We even did an impromtu performance for a group of children also staying at the schloss.

It was all the fun and relaxed feel of the Berlin Pop Choir with a chance to dig deeper into our singing and everyone had a great time. We are planning a second summer trip in 2016 with even more workshops focusing on technique and of course harmony.  If you would like more information on next summer trip or would like to go on our mailing list, email linda.eilers@berlinpopchoir.de or feel free to talk to Linda at the Berlin Pop Choir on Tuesdays.

Beach Beach23 outside Raum Windopw

Shake it off and sing it back: Berlin Pop Choir and Ensemble spring performance 2015

It was St. Patrick’s day and the choirs wore PINK and GREEN. The Berlin Pop Choir sang 4 great songs, and the Berlin Pop Ensemble sang 2. Lyndsey debued her new autoharp to get the night started. With a free after party and open stage karaoke, the Berlin Pop Choir and Ensemble spring 2015 performance was another fantastic night.

Berlin Pop Choir on SWR radio

SWRWe were happy to welcome visiting SWR radio jounalist, Christian, to the choir for 2 weeks. He made this great radio feature about the Berlin Pop Choir and recorded us singing new songs ‘Shake it off’ and ‘Dirty old town.’

The feature was broadcast in January 2015 on SWR3, SWR1 Baden-Württemberg and SWR4 Rheinland-Pfalz. You can hear the feature on soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/lyndseycockwell/einzigartig-der-berlin-pop-choirard-featuremp3